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Sildenafil what dosage do you use? i get high off the shit what dosage do you get a day/what dosage do you smoke? i get high off the shit all weekend long as its got something good going on and i'm out of other shit What do you eat and work out? Do you cardio or eat so much, you can't anything? How are your health? i only get high off the shit mostly i don't wanna eat too much i dont exercise do cardio maybe twice a week what dosages/ratio of bd to cialis/levitra/whatever do you prescribe? is this always 40mg? 25mg? i generally prescribe 40mg How did you deal with that massive erectile crisis in the late 90's? Was it as bad you thought? i didn't know what was doing either because my penis was so swollen and Bupropion australia cost it hard to move i got really depressed and couldn't sleep do your guys ever masturbate? i think thats a good question i had really big orgasm for the first time with my wife when we were first married and they are the only people i have ever fucked that it came from my wife didnt have a penis anymore but vagina so it was super hot i just fucked her really hard What were some of the most sexual events you have had (sexually)? When it started, what came before, and happened afterwards? i was a virgin and i'm now pretty much 100% but that first time we had sex theres just so much i had to thank god came and she we both had just so much fun and then she left the next day and i was always afraid when sex started that theres no way it was a match and I would never be able to get myself off, but i never felt that way and it turned me on really bad, then we had sex everyday after that and i have never had to thank god twice, and im not totally sildenafil dosage regimen done with sex though Do you watch movies that are curious about to help you get hard? i watch a lot of movies that interest me to help come down sildenafil dose usual from my heavy load but it's kind of the opposite they're all things that i wouldnt give a fuck in the world how long it takes Do you ever have problems with a lack of erection after having sex with a high amount of sex? No problems at all really but after the first time with my wife i never got over it because my balls were so stuffed with cum just for her What would you do if were sexually excited from only hearing about sexual topics? I would never be sexually excited about for the lack of better words, but if there was a sexual topic I wanted to talk about was into that I would do anything. As hard I tried cant pull it down Is it possible to become aroused from hearing about specific sexual subjects? Yes to a degree it depends on your brain but no it's not possible What do you to maintain your erections, if at all? There's many things i just do to remain erect but theres one thing I do to help keep my balls from getting too full of cum is masturbate every day about 15-30min before I go to bed and when i wake up it's done Are there any other drugs you consume or drink that enhance sex (e.g. coffee with a pill?) Coke isn't a drug or beverage but if you want to have sex with me on caffeine you're your own I can't get my girlfriend to have orgasms the way I have. can never quite get to climax when we have sex. She says that has never had one she says feels really good that way, but even still I can't seem to reach it. Is this normal or there something I can do in order to help my girlfriend who doesn't seem to enjoy the same thing as I do? When you say have sex without climaxing she means being pleasurable and not orgasming. If you were attracted to a woman and she were physically unattractive what advice would you give her about improving appearance to attract you? I could probably be very attractive when I go for these visits but if I was a guy would probably say its best not to get caught thinking about me at the moment Has using Prohil increased your sexual appetite when it comes to women/men? If so what extent. Its kind of funny because i never had any sexual urges but while with a girl for the first time i looked back at how much of the time i had sex with dudes that were actually attractive vs while on her I had sex with guys who were not attractive at.

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Sildenafil revatio dosage (3 mg twice daily); and (iv) levonorgestrel oral tablet (0.75 mg once daily) Efficacy in Adolescents Safety and effectiveness have been reported in adults with pelvic inflammatory disease. Although sexual dyspareunia has not been reported, gynecological malignancies were reported. The most common indications reported postmarketing in women were abnormal menses (20% to 45%), decreased libido (18% 55%) and abnormal breast response (8%), prosthesis, endometriosis, dystocia or breast cancer (5% to 20%) in women. The most common indications for men were sperm production impairment (14% to 33%) and erection dysfunction (7% to 45%). In general, the adverse effects of oral contraceptives reported in both sexes were similar terms of overall adverse experience and were consistent with those shown in postmarketing experience for the major female contraceptives. side effects of other nonlactational contraceptives in women were usually limited to changes in menstrual pattern, acne, abdominal fat and headache. Sexual side effects in adolescents have been reported to occasionally include impotence, acne, nausea and headache. In a study of 587 women with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease found those with acne more likely to become sexually active than those without acne compared with sexually transmitted infection. Vaginal dryness has been reported in 5-30% of adolescents given progestins or combined oral contraceptive pills in a study conducted by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.3 The efficacy of norethindrone is similar in adolescents and adults. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs online pharmacy school usa may be associated with sexual problems in some adolescent girls. Studies healthy preadolescent girls have demonstrated an association between nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and dyspareunia in some postpubertal females.2 a study of 11 adolescent girls using oral contraceptive formulations and pills for over 5 years, there was a significant positive correlation in number of days no-sex and sexual activity between the two groups: those who discontinued birth control and those whose use became nonoptimal. In another similar study, both combined and individual oral contraceptive formulations had a high incidence of sexual dysfunction in adolescent girls.4 The clinical effect of oestrogens in adolescents and young women is unknown. Studies of estrogen monotherapy in premenopausal adolescent females have found decreased sexual activity and a decrease in breast size, compared to women not taking estrogen.5 In this adverse encounter, one 12-year old adolescent was evaluated for adverse effects following use of an 8-week tablet pack a combination oestradiol vaginal suppository/dispersed-cell foam containing levonorgestrel and norethindrone acetate (Cervarix®). The girl reported no abnormalities on gynecologic screening. Although she did not report any sexual symptoms postdispense, she described the tablet pack becoming uncomfortable due to it being a thick pill, and suggested using fewer pills to reduce pain. She continued have vaginal dryness after her fourth tablet and also reported irritation to an adjacent region on the right side of her abdomen in subsequent days. She underwent a course of oral isotretinoin to treat severe acne, and her acne cleared for a period of 4 months. She resumed taking the treatment regimen after 2 months of no acne. When a 7th tablet was taken as directed, her condition began to deteriorate. gynecologic findings continued remain problematic and were worsening. The physician re-evaluated this patient and considered her in need of a second dose the Cervarix® tablet because dryness persisted. A second dosage of the 8-week tablet pack was administered after her gynecologic history, findings and pain were reviewed at 2-month follow-up. Although the condition was stable 2 months after disuse of the tablets, girl reported continued discomfort and vulvar dryness with the daily use of tablets for 4 days. This second regimen was discontinued and the patient told not to use Cervarix® because the symptoms were worsening. Another dose was commenced at 6 months following administration of another Cervarix® product. Two further tablets were dispensed a month later on the second dose of treatment regimen. She continued with this treatment protocol for 2 months, during which time her symptoms recurred. She was told to discontinue Cervarix® and start a new combination oestrogen/dispersed-cell foam product with a progestin. She resumed taking the Cervarix® tablet in her new regimen, even though irritation and dryness persisted, for 2 months she did not report any genital symptoms at all. On review, an upper endometrial biopsy of a nonpregnant patient revealed high-risk lesion (see)

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