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A Guide To Erasmus+ Organisation ID Documentation


Ensure you’ve the correct documents uploaded to your Erasmus+ Organisation ID with this quick guide.

Your Organisation ID (OID) is an essential element in the Erasmus+ application process.

We strongly advise that you submit all supporting documents immediately after you obtain your OID or as soon as possible thereafter.  These documents are essential in order for Léargas to validate your OID for participation in Erasmus+ projects.

Once you have registered and received your Organisation ID you should upload the required documentation at that stage or as soon as possible thereafter.
May Diamond, Léargas

Uploading Documents to your OID Registration


Log in to the Participant Portal

Log in to the Participant Portal using your organisation’s login and password at:

Upload Documents via ‘My Organisation’

  1. Click on ‘My Organisations’
  2. Click on the ‘Details’ icon to modify
  3. Click on the ‘Documents’ section
  4. Click on ‘Add document’
  5. Select a file to upload
  6. Click on the ‘Update My Organisation’ button

What to do if you encounter issues

If you cannot see the Details button you are not using the original email address that was used to register for the OID.  Check with our organisation to obtain the correct email address and password.

If the original person who set up the OID leaves the organisation without passing on the OID login email and password, the access to update the OID is lost.  If however you have the original email address but do not have the password you can request a password reset.

To reset your password, contact the technical support team at:  EC-SEDIA-SUPPORT@EC.EUROPA.EU

Essential documents that need to be uploaded when setting up your OID

  • Public Law Legal Entity form for Public Bodies
  • or Private Company Legal Entity form for Private entities
  • Natural Person Legal Entity form (for informal groups of young people in the youth field, Key Actions 105 and 205 only)

Please ensure that this is signed by the legal representative of the organisation.  If you know the place/date of registration of your school, you can include this here, but otherwise the school roll number will suffice.

  • Financial Identification Form

Please ensure that this is signed by the relevant account holder.  If this form is not signed and stamped by the bank, you must also upload a recent bank statement showing full bank details of your organisation.

  • Supporting Documentation

For Public Bodies:  Legal correspondence proving status as a legal entity e.g. an officical letter from the Department of Education and Skills to the school stating school roll number, name and address.

For Private Companies:  Registration as a company with the CRO.  Memorandum, and articles of constitution/certificate of incorporation.

For informal groups of young people in the youth field (Key Actions 105 and 205 only): Group leaders Passport or legal form of identification for individuals, constitution/responsibilities of the group and list of group members.

If you are still encountering difficulty uploading documents to your Erasmus+ OID registration please contact the Operations and Finance team at

All our guides to the OID process and links to relevant documentation are available on the Léargas website.