Erasmus+, Vocational Education & Training,

Starting out with Erasmus+ Vocational Education and Training


There are lots of opportunities for organisations active in VET to get involved in Erasmus+.

Organisations working in the field of vocational education and training can receive funding from Léargas to:

  • support the professional development of  their staff members
  • support the learning of vocational education learners with mobility placements in other European countries
  • build projects with like-minded organisations in other countries to exchange best practice and/or create innovative tools and methods for their field

What are the aims of Erasmus+ in VET?

  • Increase the skills and competences of all those involved in VET
  • Ensure skills are relevant to the labour market by strengthening cooperation between education and business
  • Provide increased opportunities for studying and working in another country
  • Develop quality improvements in VET across Europe through cooperation and sharing good practice
  • Increase the international focus of vocational training providers
  • Improve the teaching and learning of languages and intercultural awareness
  • Support the recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning.

How does it work?

The types of projects and activities that can be funded by Erasmus+ are called Key Actions (KAs).  There are 2 KAs for VET:

KA1 – Mobility of Individuals

Organisations working in VET can receive funding to support their staff members as well as learners to spend time abroad.  They have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and working methods and to learn from their peers.

Types of possible activities:

  • Learners and apprentices can take part in a traineeship abroad
  • Staff in charge of VET such as teachers, trainers, mobility officers and staff with administrative or guidance functions can take part in job shadowing and teaching and training activities abroad

Mobility activities can be two days to twelve months long.

I would strongly encourage you to consider applying, in the knowledge that Léargas are there to support and encourage you on your own particular Erasmus+ journey.

KA2 – Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships involve cooperation between organisations from different countries working in the VET field.

Types of projects possible:

  • Strategic Partnerships supporting Exchange of Good Practices:  allow VET organisations to expand their international networks, increase their capacity to work at a transnational level, and to exchange ideas, practices and methods with other organisations.
  • Strategic Partnerships supporting innovation: offer the chance to develop, test and transfer innovative products or methods.  To achieve these goals, projects may request grants for developing outputs, plus additional funding to promote the results

Projects can be one to three years long.

Erasmus+ for VET is managed in Ireland by Léargas. To find out more visit